Blacksmith Engineering Company Cummins Turbo Diesel Defender


Did not object to steering wheel and there was not an abundance of plate. I guess if you are a purest you might object to anything not original, but then by the time it gets to market it is so old that an upgrade might be necessary. Did not like the turbo either?

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Not a purist. Those aesthetic choices are subjectively bad.

The steering wheel is a large part of what that car is about, and it is not an upgrade unless it is the later factory Td5 type, and even then, anachronistic, and arguably a step down for size reasons. The old wheels are legit and big for a reason. Diamond plate ANYWHERE that isn't the front wing tops (for step) is not an upgrade. It usually alludes to hiding rust.

Why would any of those things be "necessary"?

You're aware the 90 and 110 have had turbo diesel options since 1986? Power unlike the above aesthetic choices, is a perfectly suitable reason for an upgrade. The cummins 4 cyl is fine.


LOL and the article says the 2.5 NA is "not-so-reliable". Where are they getting this info. Have not yet met anyone who has broken one of the old 68hp lumps. Especially the army surplus ones.


Blown head gaskets. Hot spots falling out are the common ones. There are tons of ex MOD trucks around here and at least half have had their engines die.
I like the engine transmission choices and especially the diff choices. The 3.9 is however a noisy vibrating low revving engine, a downside for many.
What are rpms in 5th at 60mph; also is the S5-42 the close ratio with 4.14 1st or wide ratio 5.72?
And what is price range for e.g. the shown vehicle?