Bikepacking: The Expedition Portal Series

Christophe Noel

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Welcome to the Expedition Portal Bikepacking Series. Please jump in with any tips, questions, or comments.

Bikepacking: Selecting the right bike.

Bikepacking: Getting Started


Bikepacking: Bike Bags

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Bikepacking: Top Tips for a Good Trip


Bikepacking: Fluids and Fuels, What to eat and drink
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Here's another one I recently added for those starting from scratch: How to Buy a Bicycle.
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Christophe Noel

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I will continue to compile these bikepacking features in this one thread. Stay tuned for more features in the coming weeks, and please let me know what other topics you would like to see covered. If there is anything you would like to discuss in greater detail, I can do that as well. I know many of you are keen to learn more about routes. That's a big project and should be ready by late September.


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Heading out for a couple of days of bike touring tomorrow. Weather forecast calls for rain and not so warm temperatures... I'm outfitted with waterproof Ortlieb gear, gore tex and other goodies that will make it enjoyable. But I'm still struggling with getting motivated in miserable weather...
What do you guys do to keep you going? My problem is that I like taking breaks taking in nice views or go for coffee, but being wet and cooling off very quickly makes that a pain in the butt.... Ideas?

Chazz Layne

Looking forward to it Christophe! Your articles have rekindled interest in my Nine Trail build (which admittedly stalled). I pulled it out for the first time in over a month last week and started working on it again, beginning with some serious simplifying and lightening (a 1x setup is in it's future).


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Great! It's definitely inspiring to get out and do it. A couple-day trip (or longer) on bike is something I've wanted to do for a while! glad there's some focus on it around here.


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Thanks for this atricle. I'm building my bike up for some year round fun and your article has shaped my build.

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You should read through the bags and packs thread in the lead post. Lots of your questions are answered in there. In short, backpacks are almost necessary for bikepacking, but the more weight you add, the more unbalanced you are, and too much weight absolutely kills your sit bones. Regarding panniers, they're generally too big for bikepacking and pose a few other drawbacks for technical riding on nice singletrack.

The ideal bag/pack scenario allows the rider to enjoy a ride quality that isn't too much of a departure from an unloaded bike. It's about preserving the spirited fun and flow of riding and not just rendering it to an exercise in hauling your crap from A to B.

why do so many carry their stuff in a backpack?

doesn't this stress the rider?

why not panniers & bar bags?