Big THANK YOU to the Hollister Overland team!

Scott Brady

The set-up has begun, and Hollister is filled with all variety of adventure machines. Just noticed TacoDoc driving by.

Beautiful spot and a great campground. It is already filling up!

Pictures and reports soon.


Cant wait...i am sitting at my desk at working looking at my Expo calander waiting until tomorrow. Save me a spot for my tent :wings:


I'm only going to be there on Saturday, but its taking every self controlling bone in my body to not "cruise" by today!! It's only a few miles from my house!! Can't wait.

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Overlanding the Americas: La Lucha
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Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide
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Long Way Down: An Epic Journey by Motorcycle from Scotlan...
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I'll be there tomorrow morning. :coffeedrink: Do you guys have 3G service there?
Depends on the carrier, I know sprint has spotty coverage all over the park, 3g coverage is spottier, area 5 is down in a valley, so coverage is questionable at camp. 5 minutes in any direction gets you line of sight to a tower.


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Um....Hollister is not Mongolia....let's get some pics up for those of us driving a desk whilst ya'll are having fun! :elkgrin:

No excuses!

-H- :drool:


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Um....Hollister is not Mongolia....let's get some pics up for those of us driving a desk whilst ya'll are having fun! :elkgrin:

No excuses!

-H- :drool:

Pictures?!! Hell, Syncro de Mayo has videos of Hollister. :Wow1: I'm holding out for Moo Vies!

Maximus Ram

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Ya, with all the tech savy folks around here, I was expecting to see a live web cam set up by now.:costumed-smiley-007


Had a great day at HH, only able to catch a couple classes before having to leave, Tacodoc put on a great first aid class, and the whole event (what I was able to catch) was well done.

Lots of video being shot, so there should be lots for you guys after the weekend.


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Some pics from today

Well between the older kid being sick at home, a pregnant wife and a wedding reception... I managed to squeeze in a few hours at Hollister with the boy.

Drove down there in a co-workers' completely stock 1997 4runner that I'll be buying in a little while. (I need a 4 door for hauling all the kids around as my 88 4runner is getting a little cramped). Felt a little under-equipped in the 97 with all the cool rigs out there but still had a good time on the easy fire trails.

Hope everything turned out okay on the syncro rescue on Truck Hill.

On to the photos...


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Recommended books for Overlanding

We Will Be Free: Overlanding In Africa and Around South A...
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Overland Ralley: Hollister, Ca.

First time at Hollister, for me and the event was very well done . . The Classes and Instructors were first rate. I would have preferred possibly a 30 min. break between classes. There were a few other classes I would have liked to attend but they were scheduled during others I didn't want to miss. The meat bees were pretty aggressive today, other wise good times with very cool people . . . :costumed-smiley-007


I just wanted to extend a heartfelt THANKS! to all of the people who both put on and attended the Hollister Hills Overland Event. I call it an "event" because it was so many things bundled into one, it is hard to choose a single noun to cover it.

There was an outstanding set of vendors on hand, great attendees, and great instructors...and I learned a TON. I learned that there is an alarming amount of incredibly awesome trinkets I don't own (and am having a hard time convincing myself not to buy!). I learned that this is a real family, and the folks there were just plain awesome!

I learned some great first aid tips from Dave (TacoDoc), learned how badly I need a Suzuki Jimney from Scott (and how badly I need a sweet central Asian hat!), I got to help recover with Thor and Harold (sp?), I learned just how tasty grilled peaches can be from the guys at Overland Gourmet, I learned about South America from Ben, and I learned I need a friggin KTM!!!!

Everyone I met was fantastic. Literally everywhere I went people were kind, open, and excited to learn and discuss things. I sometimes worry aout showing up to stuff with Chevy trucks, but everyone looked past the redneck pedigree and welcomed Grace and I with open arms.

We definitely hope to attend more events and be more involved with many of the people we met.

Now, off to save for some Snow Peak stuff.... ;)

-Dan (and Grace)