Big guy's first hike.


Well took the 18 mos old to a local state park last weekend. I decided since he was all about walking and playing outside we'd try and see how it went.

Attempt 1: after breakfast we jumped in the truck and headed over the mountain. I got 2/3 of the way there and looked back...little bugger was out cold. Soooo drove around a bit, detoured to fill the gas tank and head home. Naturally 1 mile from home guess who woke up?

Attempt 2: after lunch we tried again. This time we made it to the state park. He had a blast. I let him collect sticks, leaves, pine cones, etc. in the backpack to bring home. I let him wander on the trail and explore at his speed. He only got stopped when doing something grabbing at prickers!

We did maybe 400 yards down the trail when we turned around and went back to the picnic area. There we did his snack and explored the nature loot! When dad wasn't looking he tasted the pine cone and realized not yummy!

From there we chased after birds that kept flying off. Then when he found the lake he watched the sail boats and canoes.

After that we wrapped up the day with a diaper change and a ride home to brief mom on his finds and to present the large bamboo he insisted was coming home with him.

He was asked a outing hiking again and replied with an emphatic more (he is an opinionated child). So I am happy to say this should be the first of many outdoors activities for him. #winning

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good to hear, our daughter is 7 mos, I'm looking forward to getting out more with her in the coming months.

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