Big custom camper sightings


Good morning everyone,

We put to together a short video of the photos that we have taken of several overlanders that have come up the Alaska Highway to visit Whitehorse and the Yukon. We hope all of them had a great adventure in their travels, and maybe we will see them in the future.

Overlanders That Have Visited The Yukon

We hope you enjoy the photos that we combined to create this video.

All the best from the far north, Yukon Canada
Nice video and lots of nice European builds. There were a couple of US made GXVs, the big Volvo semi truck with a Patagonia camper body and the big brown International with the cab over bed UXV model. The two trips we have made up there we have always met a few Europeans...

PA Slammer

If you don't have a spare, there will be a good bet you will need it.
Yup, heavy
Mich-XZL 395/85R-20 = 220 lbs- tire, 80 lbs- wheel (Hutchinton AL) 300 lbs total
Ironman 385/65R-22.5 = 176 lbs- tire, 62 lbs - wheel (Alcoa AL) 238 lbs total
Street legal KTM 350 EXC-F - 232 lbs.

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Although it looks cool, has anyone actually ever had to use their spare tire?

Those things gotta weigh more than carrying a spare dirtbike.

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Yes one will need spare tire sooner or later. I carry 1 mounted spare + beadlock = 324 lb; + 1 unmounted tire. Not anymore on the roof.
One trip to Baja I needed both.


31/30/20 on AZ-89A near Sedona.

I was behind a white Earthroamer down 89A and we both turned on NF525 to camp for the night. However the small wheels and stock suspension of my sprinter van were no match for the big guy and he quickly distanced me on that rough washboard road.

That's the 3rd one I see and I've been in one here in WA. These machines are truly amazing!