Big Bend NP by Tacoma and a DR200


This past March (2017) I had some opportunities line up nicely and made a trip from Northern Virginia down to Big Bend National Park, Tx. My 21 Y/O daughter was on spring break from college and she wanted to travel. I wanted to roam a bit as we were still getting occasional snow at home and I was ready for a "spring break" too.

We packed up my '09 Toyota Tacoma CCLB and hit the road. The truck is stock except for SumoSprings under the rear leaf springs; a Leer bed cap; and for this trip I had the family '96 DR200se on a VersaHaul rear rack.

We planned and came up with a two part trip. Part 1; heading South East, we would visit Nashville, Memphis, and Fort Worth. Laura would join me on this segment and we would do the typical tourist stuff. Big bonus was with her along, we could really cover distance easily with two drivers. Our planned stops: Nashville and Memphis offered all one could desire as far a music themed things to see and do and some great southern food. Of course we had to visit Graceland in Memphis! Then Fort Worth where we could get some "Texas time", sampling some light trail riding (on horseback), great BBQ & CFS (country fried steak), western clothes shopping, and generally hanging out in the Stockyard area enjoying some warm weather. After 5 great days, Laura flew back home for work and I was on my own for "Part 2". This was some great Dad & Daughter time and we both enjoyed it...a lot of time to talk, share and reminisce...they grow up so fast!

Part 2: Now I'm on my own and continue South for Big Bend NP. A great resource for this trip was a thread on ADV by Cannonshot that covers BBNP in detail. Between this thread on ADV, Google Maps, and some research on the NP website, I hit BBNP fairly well orientated and with a plan of attack that let me see the a broad range of the park over my 6 days there. I did all backcountry camping and loved it.

I've done a lot of traveling/touring by car, RV, and motorcycle and enjoyed a lot of great destinations. BBNP is already pulling on my heart to come's that great a place! The real treat to BBNP is the backcountry...where a dual sport motorcycle is the perfect tool to explore. I did over 300 miles of off pavement touring and loved it. The DR I used was perfect for this destination and my easy pace.

This video gives a brief overview of BBNP, my camping rig (the Ritz), and the DR200se. Hope you enjoy it.

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