Bibler Tents now Black Diamond?


I have heard good things about Bibler tents but honestly know nothing about the history of them. Were they bought out by Black Diamond and has this affected the workmanship of the tents?

Basically, yes. Todd Bibler was one of the first, if not the first, to design/build single skin tents for mountaineering use out of a Gore-Tex like material called "Todd-Tex". (Early Winters also built tents out of Gore-Tex.) He also designed and built hanging stoves to be used inside a tent...butane/propane powered. My understanding is that Black Diamond bought the rights and Todd came on board with the company, giving BD an additional offering in their lineup of products.

I think BD equipment is top notch with excellent service. :26_7_2:


I vouch for this. I have a BD Bibler tent and it has saved my bum a few times and breathes better than you think with the epic fabric


Now made in China...

Also: When BD bought out Bibler, production was sourced to China verse "Made in the USA" Utah production when Todd Bibler was still at the reins.

FYI: If it matters to you:

I have a Bibler Torre, now manufactured as the Tempest. Awesome Single-Walled' tents without the condensation build up of some single-walled tents. For less of a mountaineering syled tent & more versatility, check out the Ahwahnee.