BFG's on WK2


Have acquired a 2018 Grand Cherokee Limited with 265/60/18's and crappy street tires. I'm ok with the height but the wide foot print is not to pleasing. Exploring Forest Service roads here in the NW the tires tend to float rather than "Bite". really want to put some TKO2's on and have actually ordered a set and waiting delivery. Now I'm re-thinking my choice. Is the only option I have a wheel change? What other wheel size "can" I use to get more tire options.


That would be a perfect size if there was a quality all terrain available. Not seeing anything in an initial search.


Ugh, yep not any options there. Might make more sense to look for some 17" Laredo takeoffs, then.


Most probably wouldn't go bigger rather than smaller but my wife's WK2 (2016 GC Overland) came with 20"s and we put oversized KO2's on it. Can't remember the size, I''ll edit this later. It's wonderful. Looks great, rides great. We never air down.

I know 20"s are a bad idea so no need to remind me. It's her truck and doesn't go offroad much. She likes the wheels.


Seriously, if you think going 20mm narrower (less than an inch!) will do much at all, I’d say you’ll be disappointed.


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If you have the HD brakes most 17s don't fit. However many people have had luck with wheel spacers.
Somehow the 17s we ordered for my wife's winter tires clear the rear rotors and we have the HD brakes as far as I can discern. (2019 WK2 Altitude with tow package)


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If you have the V8, you have the HD brakes = can't put 17s on it. FWIW, I run Nitto Ridge Grappler's at 265/65r18 and I like them - E-rated so they'll hold up to the rocks here in CA. If you're looking for something more comfortable, the Nitto ain't it - same for the KO2s. If you're not too concerned about sidewall punctures, take a look at the Falken Wildpeaks - great tire and reasonably priced.