BFG KM2 problems


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I have the KO's and have been very happy with them. We have about 7500 miles and they are quiet, have worn evenly, ride well and have worked great off road in our 60.

We had BFG AT's for a long time, and when we needed new tires, they were not available, so we ended up the the KO's. I would buy them again!


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I had the identical problem, with the identical size.

I lost 2 of them within 2 months of each other, both rears, running 70psi with the camper, 55 empty. I did have a couple hundred miles of slow rough roads @ ~45psi in there - but nothing crazy.

Overall tread life isn't anything to write home about - but at least the tread lugs haven't shredded & ripped off like their older tires always seemed to. I doubt I'll put another set of BFGs on mine.

FWIW, Discount Tire did warranty both of mine without question.
255/75/16 and probably others were know to have problems at first but they fixed it. BFG will warranty them. Just drop by any BFG dealer like Discount Tire and have them call BFG. You don't need any paperwork because they go by the tire serial number. I got all four replaced and I could tell right away they were better. Mine separated with one blowing out one separated and got out of balance and two were OK but I got them swapped out as well. If yours are bumpy and feel out of balance then they are coming apart.


Reviving a dead thread but my KM2s just delaminted yesterday. Lots of offroading on them. Date stamped 2012 but I put them on 5 years ago. Pretty scary and lucky it didn't totally blow out. Happened after a few hundred miles offroading in Death Valley and not one mile on pavement and it blew. I was running 255/85 R16s on a P38 Range Rover.



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I met a guy once who wears them down "'till they pops". Same type of guy you see rocking on the freeway with ancient shocks.


I had 3/4 of my BFGs separate on my 1/2 ton GMC. Almost no towing done with it and mostly pavement used in that time. At 25,000 miles, I was told "that's not bad."

Love my Hankooks one 3 different vehicles....haven't had that problem. Or any problems.


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So here is the deal. I am running BFG KM2's in a 255/85/16 load E and have 23k on them and they have been through all kinds of places here in MT, Wyo, ID and a bunch of Oregon basalt and not a single problem. I thought I had found a tire that compared to my M55's that I used to run till they became way over priced. I was headed down the highway with camper on and boat hooked going fishing the lower Yellowstone so I wasn't hauling or doing anything unusual. w I start getting a vibration and I'm going 70 mph. I think it's a fluke but it progressively gets worse. I pull over thinking maybe I threw a wheel weight or something minor. Well I see that the rear drivers side wheel has delaminated inside and is crowned to beat hell. So I throw my spare on, which is a same size KM2. Off I go smooth as butter. Next day heading home down highway again I get the same vibration back. I'm thinking ******, this cant be true. pull over and sure enough the passenger side rear tire has done the exact same thing. Delaminated and crowned in the center. I limp it home and call tire guy. He gives me the song and dance about "mud tires" and heat, and rocks, and sticks, and chickens, and goats, blah blah blah. Sorry cant really warranty them but I will cut ya deal on some Hankook Rf10's. Sorry but I am not giving you any of my business again.
So after that digression..has anyone had a problem like with their KM'S?
I religiously check my psi's and was running 62 psi on all fours.
So now I'm tire hunting again and hate to pay Toyo prices. M55's are 310 apiece here. UGH!
Thanks, John
Never had a problem and I've had the same size KM2s too. But I've never had a service issue with delamination from other manufacturers either. Sounds like a letter to BFG is in order..... or ask the tire guy for his assessment in writing then send that to BFG too. He is an idiot, warranty costs him nothing. Refusing a justified warranty claim costs BFG big time. Just your post here hurts their reputation, this "tire guy???" needs his wrists slapped.

Every tire manufacturer in the world has delamination issues. You need to involve Corporate BFG.


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My new set just arrived to replace my almost new KOs, which replaced the almost new Duratracs :) BTW I love the KOs, awesome AT tires. I just wanted the tougher look of the mud tires...hope they serve me well because they sure aren't cheap.

I love those KOs, what size are they, and how old are they ??

EDIT..... oh wow, post was in 2014 lol