BFG KDR2+ 35x10.50x15 Dakar


Expedition Leader
There is a reason trucks don't come with lift kits, bigger tires that over power breaks, non pedestrian safe bumpers and blinding headlights but we use them. What happens in an accident? The rubber in these tires is expensive and limited in supply is why they are not marketed to consumers. The whole carcas is different as well. They also can't have the adverage Joe on a tire that blows away and lasts loner than everthing else they sell. These tires will pound thru the sharpest rocks and stick like glue on everthing else. If your in need of an extream tire or wanted to drive across the world this would be the tire that will handle it. Buff the side wall with a scotch bright if your worried and keep a tire sticker in your glove compartment. My last tire from BFG racing tires lasted 13 years. Now I'm on new Maxxis consumer tires and they feel like paper bags under the jeep. No comparison. Two won't hold air after 6 months. The best thing about race tires is that they don't bounce. They hit like a sack of flower and you can't kill them if you do hit hard. If that's what you want then they are available.
Pedestrian safe bumper?