"Betty White" 95 SR Restoration/ Diesel Build Thread.


Thanks Symmetry, I am slowly putting a 4m40 kit together, it seems to make the most sense to me. N thanks for the link, looks like a complicated swap.
Well she is back on the road! Took way longer than expected but so goes life with two teenagers. Throws codes for the MAF/BARO and TPS and runs like a dog at the moment. Over 2500rpm it runs well, but under that there is almost zero throttle response, to say it is slow off the line is an understatement. Idle is 250rpm and rough. Also had a huge hole on the back of the EGR pipe so loud as hell till part that arrives. A/T light is flashing, ABS light is on and the flashing front tire indicator lights are always blinking...and the radio doesn't work. Oh, and drivers door needs a window regulator. But other than that it is actually a nice little car. A/C and Heat work great. TC and AT seem to shift fine. Just putting it around town for the moment until it is tuned up, put some manual hubs on it this weekend. Any thoughts on where to start with the flashing A/T are appreciated.


All Right! the MAF was the problem. Bought a Beck/Arnley replacement. First thing I noticed were the little wire filaments...the old one had NONE! 😂 A/T light is gone, check engine light is gone and No codes. Runs like a completely different truck. Has an oil leak somewhere around the oil filter other than that it is good to go. Going to go thru the front end as there is a shake at 70mph, and the dang radio won't work but it is coming together...


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RE: Radio - does it power on and otherwise work? I just put my '95 SR back on the road after an 18 year hiatus (!) and as I recall, the radio wouldn't make sound unless you gave it whack on the outside of the console (driver side). Sure enough, that trick still works now - just make sure you don't have the volume turned all the way up when you do it or you'll likely blow a speaker...


No life from the radio, hitting it did turn on a dash light which gave my and my son a good laugh. Got the oil leak sorted I had managed to push the cam seal in too far and it was catching oil. Took it for a rip over some icy rutted roads at high speed today and I swear it runs, drives and shifts better afterward. The "Italian Tuneup" worked again. Put a bunch of fuel thru it and shake everything loose. It somehow fixed the flashing front tires light which was a bonus. Love how this truck handles, but the 2004 vintage highway tires gotta go.


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Good to hear another Monty has been fixed up and put back on the road! I am looking forward to the possibility of you putting the 4M40 in there! I've also got the 6G74 which is a great motor but have thought a diesel would be sweet. Are you planning on mating it to the factory auto transmission? Honestly don't know much about that swap but was curious. Keep it up!


I like the engineering and handling of this truck, although it really needs bushings; And ball joints. I managed an egr delete cause I cant find a pipe: the hole in the exhaust manifold is 37/64 plus a few thou. Takes a 3/8npt tap and flat brass plug really well and you can restore it when you find a pipe. Used a bit of high temp metal/epoxy to seal the threads and a solid sheetmetal block-off plate on the engine side. Worlds better sounding without the hole in the exhaust under the hood. Re 4m40 I am looking for a front cut but failing that I'll settle for an engine/ transmission. For now it is rolling and I can get the running gear sorted. Happy Thanksgiving!

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