Beta 500 RR-S with supermoto conversion, or TM SMR530FI?


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The maintenance schedule looks fairly scary for the Beta, with an engine overhaul scheduled for every 90 hours. It looks twice as scary for the TM, with an engine overhaul scheduled for every 45 hours.

But 50 horserpower in a 245-pound motorcycle with a license plate sounds like fun...
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What makes you want to go with a Beta/TM over a Ktm 500/Husky 501 or Honda 450L?
Idk where you're from but the lack of dealers in the US would keep me away from Beta and especially TM.
And if you're worried about engine overhauls, you're looking at the wrong bikes, they're basically race bikes with license plates.
You might want to look at Honda XR's or Suzuki DR's which basically just need oil, fuel and filters.

I used to have a 2010 Husky 510 SMR (factory supermoto) which was about 280lbs wet with 60+hp with full exhaust and race map, and it was the most insane bike I've ever ridden on the street. Too much fun to be street legal haha Sadly it was stolen and I've since replaced it with a 2009 Husky 450 SMR which just doesn't have the same punch but is still a blast.


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I ride with several people who have Beta's and they absolutely love them. I'll note that a few of them have complained about the electrical connectors and wiring being less than robust.

Get the one that makes you smile the most.