Best value these days: 4Runner or GX460?


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I’m driving a slightly modified Outback turbo, and I can’t shake the desire to get a more capable 4x4. Prices are crazy these days. Scanning vehicles available in the ballpark of $30k to maybe $40k, it seems like the GX is a better value. I’d have to make some mods (tires, wheels, skid plates) which wouldn’t be necessary with a 4Runner TRD. Even still it seems like a better value. And I wouldn’t mind the added luxury.

Am I wrong? Is there a compelling reason to prefer the 4Runner?


Most GX460s are leases that have been dealer serviced and garaged, so add that to the decision making process. Carmax usually has a good selection of them. GX470 is a great choice too if you don't mind their age. I love 4runner but they are a bit underpowered for loaded trips

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Hands down, get a GX. v8 torque and I think they have a higher payload too. Triple-lock that ********** then the fun starts.


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The GX was a better value when i bought in early 2020. And by better value, I mean actually cheaper.

A GX460 of similar year and miles as a 5th gen 4R was cheaper and the GX470’s seemed to be cheaper than 4th gen V8 4R’s.

I would never have bought a 5th gen 4R anyways because I wanted a vehicle to tow with. The 1UR-FE in the GX460 is significantly stronger in the torque department and has the extra transmission gear and lower axle ratio.

The tradeoff is aftermarket support for things like bumpers and stuff, but since the chassis and everything in the driveline after the t-cases are the same, suspension parts, sliders, lockers and stuff are fine.
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V8/6sp >>>>>> V6/5sp

honestly I don't know why anyone buys a 4R. loaded up at GVWR, it seems absolutely miserable on the highway/around town. Every built up V6 toyota I see in person always sounds like they are floored going any/everywhere.


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Thanks for inputs. IF - and still a big if — if I decide to upgrade over my Outback, it’s gonna be a GX460. Sounds like most see it the same way, it’s a better value. I’ve been looking online at used ones between 2012 and 2016. We’ll see.


Just FYI, almost 20 years ago I went from an 80 Series Land Cruiser to a Forester XT. I wasn’t doing much hardcore off-roading, it was my daily driver, and I wanted more power, better mpg, on road comfort and handling etc. The manual transmission turbo Subaru did all that. And it was really good on smooth dirt roads, forest and desert. I liked it for years, and didn’t miss the dated LC (yeah, I know they’re very desirable now). But over time, I came to get frustrated with the Subaru. Too much of a compromise. I don’t live in an area with snow or dirt roads so my daily driving didn’t benefit from any of the Subie’s strengths, and filling up with premium got old, as did crawling over small rocks with no low range, when I was off pavement. Anyway, to cut a long story short I got a used 4wd T100, and later a 3rd gen Tacoma TRD OR, and I don’t miss the Forester at all. I realize that doesn’t address Lexus vs T4R, and I want/need a pickup anyway, but otherwise if I were in your shoes I’d dump the XT , get the Lexus and don’t look back.


GX used to be a better value. You'd get the V8, luxury features, and usually a better maintained/less abused vehicle for a lower price compared to the 4runner. But seems like the secret is out and the GX resale value has shot up significantly in the last few years where the prices are now equal or higher than the 4runner. The only good thing to come out of it is the aftermarket for the GX has exploded with it's popularity. It's still not as large as the 4runner market, but at least you can find a lot more variety than you used to.

I hope you have another car for a daily driver. I own both a GX and a Subaru, the GX is a lot more capable than the Subaru and will take you to a lot more places, but be prepared for the fuel bill. Old school V8 + premium gas = $$$$, especially once you start modifying it. Luckily the GX is only used for camping trips, if it was my daily driver I'd go broke just refueling. Once gas hit $6/gal, the GX stays in the driveway a lot more than the Subaru.
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we went through this recently... keep the 5th gen or get a GX.

comparing new to new - the lexus is almost a bargain (as of 3 months ago when I looked) compared to the 4runner.

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