Best Trails In Colorado


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My GF wants to go to Glenwood Springs in February. We'll be driving up from Texas. Looking for the best trails to hit on the way. Nothing too technical, just good scenery. Can't break the truck. We'll be in a basically stock Excursion. TIA!!!


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In February the best trails to run are going to be in southern Arizona. Just the highways are going to be snow packed and icy, so hairy enough. From Glenwood your best option is to rent snow mobiles.


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Like... ski trails? Glenwood and Aspen Valley and so forth will all be under a few feet of snow. Good skiing though!

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Vehicle Trails? lol.. Traction laws are in effect for any of the paved mountain highways, meaning you need to carry chains if thats not a 4x4 just to travel through the eisenhower tunnel... if you interfere with traffic because your not prepared for the weather its nearly a 4 figure fine the'll slap on you.

Colorado's offroad trails are all closed from ~October-June.. you got like a 5mo window if your lucky and its long since closed.


On a Suburban Excursion
I did some trails in a rented F-150 when I was working outside Cortez a few years ago in the winter. Maybe not officially "trails" but unimproved roads and they were definitely packed with snow.

I guess if the roads are iced over that will do. Rig is 4x4 and tires are mountain/snowflake A/T's. I doubt I'll be blocking traffic on a roadway. I am a Texan but I have lived in New Jersey and Alberta and am familiar with driving in adverse winter situations. I won't be carrying chains though (don't have any).


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4x4 with Severe Snow rated AT's will exceed any requirements, the'll shut the roads down beyond that.

There's forest roads like the one out to CU Mountain Campus in Pingree Park that are "open" all year long.. but thats a relative term, during or right after snow it might not be passable as those are lower priority alternate routes and might not get a plow for a while.. as always use your judgement on those and dont expect a road closed sign on an impassable route.

Once you break away from the ski resorts there's plenty of paved and plowed 2 lanes with great views and little to no traffic.. if its actually snowing these can be thrilling enough but if not they are quite scenic.. if I want to get my snow busting game on I just go out while its snowing and keep on driving past the ski resorts.

Without a bunch more recovery gear (like chains) and a buddy to yank me out, I dont try to venture too far off pavement this time of year.. Wife aint up for those kinda thrills anymore.. I carry a kinetic strap but its seen more use pulling other people out.

This time of year its hard to give recommendations, whats fine today might be deadly tomorrow.. next month, who knows.. if we dont get any snow there could be a ton of opportunities for you, or the opposite.. you might find traversing pavement challenging enough.. thats the mountains in the winter for yeh.
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