Best source for Frontier OME suspension?

I went through this process a while back myself. I currently have OME front medium duty coilovers with their rear nitrocharger shock, combined Firestone airbags and the deaver 2 leaf add-a-leaf. Gives the truck about a 1" lift in the front and a 1.5-2" lift in the rear when unloaded.

I used Nisstec and they were great. My truck has no added weight in the front and the medium duty coilovers are definitely more stiff and provides about 1" of lift in the front. The deaver 2 leaf pack added about 2.5-3" initially in the rear and then settled to about 1.5" and provide waaaaay more articulation without the overload spring. The airbags are amazing though. They will be on every future truck I get. No difference in articulation that I have yet noticed and incredibly easy to adjust based on your payload. Just awesome.


Sounds like I should go with HD coils in the front and medium springs for the rear? Add to that a 1” front spacer and aftermarket UCA’s. Might be the best combination for my purposes. I could always add a new rear lift shackle in the rear if need be....


Jackflash... No winch or heavy bumper up front with the HD front coils? It's not too stiff?
Nope, nothing up front. Plan was an ARB with winch, but nothing yet. I have about 55k miles with that setup now. Hard for me to judge on the stiffness. I came from old jeeps and 1 ton trucks, plus it has been awhile.

I have a Pro-4X model. I remember that I thought the stock suspension was way to soft. I really like the way it rides now and get told that it rides well by others. Hope that helps.
So does everyone recommend HD fronts and MD rears to start? Or HD's front and rear and adjust if needed?
That's what I would do if I was doing it again. It's a giant PITA to switch out the front coil springs (not just replacing the coilover, but switching the actual coil). I would go heavy up front initially because of that. I think your medium duty rear springs will provide everything you need back there as well.


That's the info I was looking for. Anyone know if the full kit ever goes on sale? Or is it $1284 everywhere all the time?


I got the standard duty front and HD rear. My truck wears a flip pac camper shell, truck vault, a heavy rear bumper, and has a 8 gallon water tank so I needed the HD. Unless you have an after market front bumper you don't need the HD front springs.

Also I asked Nisstec when I bought mine about adding a HD spring to the front in the future if I decide to get a front bumper. They said it's not a problem to swap the springs. The valving is identical and springs are relatively cheap. The full kit was supposedly on sale when I bought it from Nisstec. Below is what I paid, copied from my invoice:

*SALE* Complete OME Suspension W/ Dakar Leafs '05+ Frontier (Front Coil Choice: OME_607_Standard_Load_1.5
Cam Bolts Right & Left Kit: Full R & L Kit (+ $55.00)
Front Coilover Assembly: Yes (+ $140.00)
Rear Leaf Options: CS151R HD Leaf Packs (+ $77.00)
Add OME Greasable Shackles: GS15 Shackles (SB100 Bushings) (+ $128.00))

Total was 1589 plus 125 in shipping. hope that helps