Best source for Frontier OME suspension?


I am in the market to purchase the full OLd Man Emu suspension system for my 2016 Frontier pro4x. Where is the best source/price to purchase the kit? Any info provided would be greatly appreciated....Thanks!


Nisstec would probably be your best bet. Decent prices, mostly reliable customer service. I've purchased most of my ARB products from them, including my OME suspension components.


Another vote for Nisstec. They have the option to have the front coils sent assembled with new top hats to make the installation easier it you are DIYing.


Ok, Nisstec sounds like the place. I also like the fact of having the fronts preassembled.

Next would be recommended spring rates according to actual real world usage.

Do I go mediums front and rear or HD's?

I plan to run a winch and some sort of carrier in the future. I also may end up getting a cap/topper if one presents itself at a reasonable deal.

This is the winch carrier I am thinking of running:

Thoughts? Just trying to figure it out before I put forth the cash and time.


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With that winch mount and winch I'd go HD front/medium rear. The HD rear is for a lot of constant extra weight, if you got the cap and stuff on and found you needed more capacity you can get a leaf from OME that'll make the pack HD.


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For a 2016 your rear leaf springs are fairly new and most likely not sagging yet.
You could most likely get by with a (2 leaf add a leaf) and add that to your existing stock rear leaf springs.
You can run this with or without the stock nissan overload leaf.
No overload leaf = better articulation (Flex) in the rear.

Or a (single add a leaf) and you could always add a adjustable rear lift shackle if you need more lift.
See the (add a leaf) in this kit

Adjustable rear shackle:

For the front with that hidden winch mount and a winch you are (I am guessing) in between a HD and a Medium front coil spring with Old Man Emu coilovers. I would call Nisstec on the telephone and ask them what the spring rate is on the HD and the Medium, I am running a 650 lb spring rate on Radflo coilovers but I have a lot of weight in front ..heavy plate bumper , winch with steel cable.
I am thinking you would want a 550 lb or 600 lb spring rate.

Also there are a lot of people running the Old Man Emu front coilovers with a top 1" lift spacer and SPC upper control arms so you dont have to deal with coil bucket contact from the stock upper control arms.
I think bijanjames here on the forum is running this...


I thought about AAL's, but think replacing the failure prone rear leaves completely is a better solution.


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Agreed. Do it right the first time. I'd also vote for doing the MD full leaf pack at first, you can always add the 1 OME leaf if you do end up adding more weight.


I went with HD up front and MD in the rear. Truck is all stock other wise. I really like the setup. I've put about 55k miles on this setup, with about 20k on gravel and 4x4 roads. Still rides great.


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I bought AAL, they failed after a couple of years... as everyone said they would.

I bought my OME springs from Southeast Overland in South Carolina, I am running them with Bilstein 5100s. I am heavy front and rear. ARB with winch up front, Oztent rv4 up top in a thule box, camper shell with 2nd batter and ARB fridge. By the time I add water, food, camping supplies I feel like I need the HD rear, and even unloaded with the extra weight that is permanent the HD seems to be a good fit.


Justbecause....are you running Bilsteins at all 4 corners? What lb. spring rate are you running? So, you would recommend HD springs in the rear?


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Bil 5100s all around. I have the fronts set at 0" perch and I believe I get some very minimal coil bucket contact, I am not a hard wheeler though, the suspension was upgraded to carry extra weight not to flex, regardless, some new UCAs are on my todo list, behind sliders.

I wouldn't get HD springs if you are not going to carry a constant load. You can always remove a spring from the pack though... I was on the fence about HD/Medium even with my constant extra weight, I decided I would rather start with HD and decide to go down, than get medium and always wonder what if.