Best place in SoCal or Online for BFG KO2?????

Well low and behold, another puncture on my left rear Nitto. Time to go as I don’t have a spare laying around anymore.

Where is the best place in SoCal or online to get some BFG KO2’s for my 18” LR daily driver Wheels?

Any assistance for stores or online orders is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance!!!!!!


I always get mine from Americas Tire. best prices. (better than tire rack when you add up install price and fees)
Tires Found.

Okay, found my tires yesterday and pulled the trigger. I decided to keep what is left of the Nittos on the 18" wheels and run them out of tread completely or until they are full flats. I have plugs in three tires now but have about 5-6k miles left remaining on them.

With that said, I found KM2 in SoCal for a tad over $1400 installed at America's Tire. I haggled a bit, did some price matching and smiled a lot.

That is for (5) five tires on my 17" LR wheels and installed today and I will run the MTs for a few weeks and then bring my final spare Nitto back in January from Hawaii to run the rest of the life out of the Nittos before I swap them for BFG KO2.

Thanks for all the advice and help from everyone. I hit up all of those places each of you mentioned and America's was the only one that had five in stock and could do them the next day. With that said, it helped to my advantage for price matching and such because I had cash in hand ready to roll and didn't have to wait for ordering.

I will keep the hunt going for my KO2's for my 18" daily driver wheels and post up best prices as I find them.

Thanks again!