Best (Or Most Dependable) All-Terrain Tire?

I think it will vary a lot. I ran the. Old bfg at and they were so so noisy for what they were both best traction wise. Ironically they bfg ko 2 comes on my new jlur and I love them so far but only have 1500miles on them. I had a set of Falken wild peak at on my old jku the tire looks really mild but it is so deceiving. I was up at Thomas mtn. In the sandiego area on a seriously worn set. They 80 k on them. I bought them as a short term tire. But they lasted longer than any tire I ever had. Anyway. I was heading up the trail with about 6 inches of wet melting snow over mud and decided I would walk the trail a bit to check it out . Well that snow over mud combo. Was so slick. I almost ate it while taking a few steps. So I decided not a good idea to walk. Hoped back in and that tire motored right on up the very wet very slick hill with no problem. It was something about the rubber compound. It had a bit of a gritty feel They also did well in a tire shoot out here They don’t make them any more but it might be wise to check out Falkens. Several other site admins ran them in large sizes on their jeeps I also had the cooper atp which is discount tires store version and it’s pretty good. I would look at the side wall rating too. There were a parenly a lot of side wall punctures with good year duratracks. Good luck


I’ll throw my hat in the ring for BFG K02. Best tire I’ve owned. Quiet on-road, great off. I’ve been very impressed with them in snow and rain, and even more impressed on ice. They got me home one night when many folks were abandoning their vehicles or sliding into ditches.


Jeep or Tacoma am I reading correct you got over 80k miles from a set of all terrain tires (I assume 33" or so in size)?

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in the last couple of years (I am a tire whore) I have Toyo AT2 (several sizes), Toyo R/T 35;s, Cooper ST Maxx 295/70-17 and 285/75-17, Cooper AT3 275/70-17, and K02 34x10.5-17. Toyo R/T my fav but way to much money. AT3 were my least favorite altho great on the highway. KO2 were nice but still not in the same league as the ST Maxx's for all around off road use ie hard trails but driving 1200 miles to get there ie things like Moab, Rubicon etc. The AT2 are excellent as well and would not hesitate to get another set. So of those tires I would for sure get ST Maxx again, R/T's if they were more affordable would be my first choice and AT2. I would not get K02 again nor would I get the AT3 again. Everybody has different needs and for some the AT3 and K02 would work just fine.
Yes that is right. I got 88 000 miles I went through. 1 transmission and 2 radiators. I only bought them as a stop gap temporarily after I put a lift on I gotta say mostly freeway miles very Little Rocky trails I never expected that they would last so long a di was ready for a new set of tires pretty sure they were a33 285 70 17


Be careful with the K02s. I found in wet icy snow, the tires don’t shed any build up and you can pretty quicky find yourself with a perfectly smooth tire. Other than that i have had no problems in 50k miles, from the top of Alaska down to the deserts of Cali.


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Good morning, Expo. :)

Anyone following my build thread knows I'm on the hunt for some serious tires. I've asked advice from CherokeeForum on what kind of tires I should run, but I'm still at square one (they gave great input, but I'm still struggling to make a choice). Maybe Expedition Portal Jeep peeps can help me with this.

I'm looking for a moderately aggressive-looking ALL-TERRAIN tire. I would like to run 31's, but wouldn't oppose 32's if I came across them. My XJ is primarily a Daily Driver, but sees trails and hills on the weekends, and will be doing some off-road exploring as New England warms up for the late Spring and Summer. Therefore, the tires should be able to perform quietly on the road and highway (or at least not hum to the point of drowning out my radio) and be able to make it through light-moderate mud, dirt, and some rock passes. Lastly, I'm looking for longevity. I'm not expecting to bang 60k out of a set of tires, but I'm hoping to score a set that reasonably wears over time instead of within a year or two. Price is not a factor in my decision, I just need the bang for the buck here.

Also, we New Englanders face mean winters. Snow and ice leaves sedans and trucks sliding across city streets. As I plan on off-road adventuring in the winter too, I need something relatively good in snow and ice.

Now I understand this sounds like the holy grail of requests here, but I'm not looking for the perfect tire. I just need some worthy suggestions so that I may do some research, and it would be awesome to hear honest reviews for you all if you have a set you swear by.

Which All-Terrain tire is quiet-enough on pavement, can handle some light mud and rocks, grips well in winter and will not wear in a year? Please help a novice adventurer out.

Thank you in advance!
I suggest you look at BFG Traction Commercial Traction tires. (Yes, Traction is in the name twice. 😀) 235/85r16E with lots of sidewall for airing down. Just over 31” tall. They can be studded.

I wish BFG made them for 17” and 18” rims.


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Montana here.. BFG k02 are my favorite 4 season AT.. on/off road... Highway, city, dirt gravel, wet ice, slush, drifts, hot cold...

I have not tried every tire.. but these work well and are quiet on the hwy
I am in Missoula. I do a fair amount of snow wheeling and like to snow shoe etc so do a lot of snow driving . I like the ST Maxx better altho I liked the KO2 also, just not as good all around as the ST Maxx's.


What could go wrong?
I've been running BFG All Terrains on all my trucks for the last 40 years or so..... from when they were first introduced.
I've never been in a situation where I wished I had a different tire...... I travel in the Southwest mostly..... the 4-Corners states.
Pavement, dirt, rocks, gravel, sand, rain, ice, snow....... even mud if you can keep 'em spinning!
I get good life out of them..... depending on the truck I've gotten 40-60,000 miles out of them..... I replace them when they have the minimum {what I consider safe} tread on them.


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I'll add a vote to Goodyear Durutracs. Mine have been good to me so far, and are aggressive for an All-Terrain.
BFG KO2... My buddy has Coopers and loved them at first (until they got some wear on them, and now hates them both on the road and in the snow... says they scare him in the snow now and says they howl on the road). We're in Colorado, for what it's worth.IMG_2966.JPG


Another fan of the ST MAXX. Just ordered my second set. Jeep is a daily driver. Have done significant snow in VT and challenging routes at VOR also in VT. Soft sand on Nantucket. Live in KY and we get our share of heavy rains. They perform beautifully in all these conditions.

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I've had multiple sets of KO2's and Duratracs. I wanted to try something different this time. So I went with the Nitto Ridge Grapplers and so far they have been great on the road. I'm assuming they will be very good off road based on the reviews.