Best light weight bug proof clothing?


Looking for advice/experience on some bug proof clothing for desert and mountain applications. Got driven off of Cedar Mesa yesterday by no-see-ums (see trip report) and want to avoid a repeat experience.
Thanks in advance.


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We used light colored REI outdoor clothing treated with a fabric bug repellant before our trip to Africa. Worked great no issues. For the States vs mosquitos and hungry bugs thats about all I can see working but even then I doubt you will get 100%. Which case do what smart Humans have done for 100's of years move on and find a less buggy place ;-)


I like Rail Riders for pre-done stuff, but spray whatever you need with permetherin and you'll be the scourge of bugs everywhere you go.


I know you asked about clothing, but I feel compelled to tell you what has worked for me. I spray my complete outfit with Permethrin which includes boots, socks, pants, long sleeve shirt and hat. Bandana sprayed with Deet around neck and a squirt or two on exposed hands. Works like a charm every time. I carry a head net, but have never needed it with my current bug proofing set up. The best part is the Permethrin lasts about 6 weeks or 6 washings.

I just did a week long backpack trip at Isle Royale National Park and not a single issue with bugs. I would add our no-see-ums and ticks can be brutal in Michigan's UP.


I have heard really mixed reviews on the Exoficio cloths. It does attract fewer bugs and they leave after a short while but some after they have had a quick bite to eat.
We have been using using regular cloths and applying the Repel lemon eucalyptus for 6 or 7 years now and swear by it. Here in the northwest is seams to work wonders and doesn't have a bad or strong perfumy smell like other products. We first bought it when my wife was pregnant because it does not have deet in it. We have been using it since because it just plain works.

As a side effect I have begun to associative the smell of lemon eucalyptus with camping.