Best ground tent under $500 for 2 kids and 2 adults


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6 person big Agnes with the built in glo LED strips is a big hit with my kids. Not sure why those lights are so much better than a lantern but the whining disappeared.

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I have an REI Kingdom 6 w/garage as well and it’s been great for our family of 2 adults and 2 teenagers. It’s relatively light, well thought out , and has a ton of space but I’d be tempted by a Gazelle for ease of use if I was buying today.
Dont know if your still looking, but slumberjack has the overland 8 on sale for $119.00 . 2 room sleeps 8. With a divide in the middle. And lifetime warranty.
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I have had good luck wit the Coleman 10 X10 instant tent. It goes up very quickly. The only downside is the rain fly is not large enough to direct heavy rain away from the windows. I remedied that, by running a large blue tarp over the tent and guying it out.

We were up on the Hole in Rock Rd a couple of weeks ago and we got poured on and then snow followed with hail. We were nice and dry. The added benefit is the tarp helps keep in the heat.
It might seem like a PIA to set up the tarp but not really.
The Coleman tent is about $112.00 on Amazon so it is almost disposable and worth the extra effort of tarping when bad weather is expected.
Another benefit of the Coleman tent is it is not 5 or 6 feet long like the Gazelle or other tents .



ill second the Kingdome and their smaller half dome and quarter dome tests. Surprisingly affordable for being an REI branded product and they hold up good.

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I live in South Louisiana. I get bugs in my house with the doors closed. A tent with no floors is a non-starter in fire ant and mosquito country. I'm glad it works for you. Also, why on earth would I want to camp on the dirt inside a tent. You leave your shoes on inside the tent I guess. But whatever works for you.
I agree. A floorless option has to be the WORST option IMO. Especially with kids. What happened when it gets damp, wet or Rainy? And having to have shoes on all the time? etc. major No thanks.
Just took out our new slumberjack overland 8, plenty big. 2 rooms with a divider and built pretty tuff. Weights 20lbs so not for backpacking. And theres a sale going on right now.


I recently acquired a Eureka Timberline SQ 4XT. It has a decent footprint and a surprising amount of head room. Depending on the size of the kids, it may be a bit cramped. They also make a six person version but it exceeds $500. It works well for my family and we have two small kids. It packs up fairly compact and only weights a touch over 6#.
It is an upgrade to a nearly 25 year old Timberline 2 person, I am confident that it will last.


My wife and I purchased this 10x12 cabin tent.

I can stand up mostly inside the tent. We use it with two large cots and have a small table in between. There is still room for a Pack n Play for our young kiddo to sleep in. If we didn't both have the large cots and etc there would be more room.

It isn't to hard to put up. The biggest hassle is adding the roof poles in to the side steel poles. Really need two people or maybe I just haven't figured out the right way of doing it yet.