Best 1st Gen Tundra's


From what I gathered the 2000-2004 are the most reliable, but have the 4-spd and less power VS the 05-06 but don't like the idea of a non serviceable transmission. Right now the truck will be used as a daily and for towing and some offroad, future i may use it fro traveling and camping out of. So 4x4 as with any truck for me is a must, so is the 4.7L V8. And due to the higher towing capacity of the Access Cab, then that is what I will be looking for.

Any input on the 00-04 vs 05-06?


Director of Adventure Management Operations
Well, I put 254,000 in my 2002 and it was remarkably trouble trouble free. The 4 speed has a reputation for being weak, but mine never gave me any trouble. Other than the fuel economy and small rear seat, it was an awesome truck.

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I blew up my a340 (4 speed) but that was because I was jacking around with the line pressure. Entirely my fault. They have gotten really cheap to replace. I swapped my replacement a340 (2wd) for a 4wd trans for I think $300 shipped. I paid more than that for the replacement when I blew up the 2wd one.



The 5 speed is serviceable its just harder. The 05-06 also have more power/TQ. I bought one last year and only looked at 05-06s, mainly because of the 5spd.