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Christian P.

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If you are REALLY looking for all sort of adventures...


1990 Bluebird 3800 School bus
International DT466 (overhauled in 2011) with spicer 5 speed manual gearbox
5000 W DeWalt generator
Four extra batteries (to run the lights etc. when stationary)
Fresh water tank, grey water tank, water pump
Fully equipped kitchen with gas stove, running water, sink and fridge
Dorm with six beds, including mattresses, sheets, pillows, reading lights and storage area
Private room with double mattress, sheets, pillows etc.
A huge amount of random stuff like tools, books, awning, tarps, ropes, pots, pans, spare parts.

Basically everything you need to run your mobile hostel. In less than a year we had more than a hundred visitors. Look up our facebook page (benni bus) for more pics and stories.

Also important: you do not need a special license or anything, just a valid drivers license will do.


Tail-End Charlie
That mechanic doesn't look too happy to have that guy dorking around with the lift chain.