Beeping buzzer after going through water


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Having just returned to the ACT from a 6,000km round trip through NT, I'd like to sort out one of the issues that arose (the other was electrical and I think I've sorted it). Vehicle is a 1996 FG639. On the way up we had a lot of rain, basically 10 days wet weather driving but no issues. Running down the Oodnadatta Track in wet muddy conditions, I went through a puddle/mud hole and a buzzer under the dash started to sound. No warning lights, not that the truck has many. Couldn't work out what caused the buzzer to sound so drove the 5km to Oodnadatta itself. Again looked but couldn't find anything untoward. Disconnecting one of the wires to the buzzer stopped the noise (who would of thought!) and drove off with no apparent problems. Next day, reconnected the wire and no buzzer sound. Good for a few days when I went through another creek crossing and the buzzer started sounding again. It stopped after about 1 hour, possibly drying out. It occurred on 1 other occasion, again when I went through a puddle on the hwy at speed but stopped again after a short time. The buzzer was a 'beep beep' sound and comes from a little unit mounted under the dash to the left of the steering column. Anyone have any thoughts?



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Hmm, only buzzer I know of in my Fuso is the cab tilt buzzer. Certainly seems plausible that soaking the sensor could cause it to sound off?


just checked the manual the only buzzer it mentions is a park brake buzzer (mine has not got one ??)


Not the same but my '94 has one buzzer, an over heat alarm. It starts as a low grumble and builds if the temp goes up.
I don't even have any CELs on the thing.
It sounds like you have a problem with a connection that sets off something when It gets wet.
My neighbor had a problem on a trip. CEL kept coming on. He stopped at 2 Ford dealers who poked around and cleared the code. The third dealer actually looked at it and found the heater hose that dripped on a connection when it got hot.