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Jim K in PA

Sadly, Spirit passed away, and Ara is no longer able to pilot his sidecar due to health challenges. He sold the sidecar to an inmate over on ADVrider. Ara is now exploring in his Jeep, with a new sidekick, Zoey.

Time marches on, whether we are prepared for it or not.


Snow on the Roof
Ara is truly a person whole opened his soul to the world. Like many of us ROFs he is growing old. Enjoy what you can while you can, but be gentle to others while doing it.


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About ten years ago, while on an after work ride, I had the pleasure of running into Ara at a park just north of Seattle. I'd never heard of him or his travels, and just wanted to talk bikes. About two or three hours later we parted ways. Its amazing how a random encounter can profoundly change the way you see the world. It was an honor, and a pleasure to run into him, all the more as it was random fate that caused us to meet.
Back in Moab Utah I met Ara about 10 years or so ago. I was new to Advrider and I was blown away to meet on of the great story tellers.



I bought his rig a couple years ago. Went down to NM and stayed with him and got to talk for hours.
I unfortunately sold the rig last year because I can no longer ride long distances.
I haven't spoken to Ara in a while but would like to make another trip down there and visit but with stupid COVID an all, won't happen for a while.

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