Bed Cap or keep my bed rack


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The Thule Xsporter is rated at 204kg 450lb. It's the only one CVT sells. Poking around several other flavors have much less capacity and at a glance look similar. Some of those were indeed rated much less in the 200lb range.

FWIW mine has done about 40 hours of 4-lo on trails I could not go faster than 1st gear in without bottoming out and it has remained rock solid. Plus about 5000 miles of other trails and highway. I had it way up to be able to stand under the annex too which gives the weight more leverage against the frame. I have not even had to tighten the mounts yet. I'm 300+lbs and when I climb on top of the rack it is completely rigid.

I honestly thought this was going to be awful and I would be worried about it constantly shaking around and getting worse over time. Very surprised it is more robust than I imagined.