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Those of you running a RTT on a truck do you prefer the lower more streamlined RTT on bed bars or the added cargo space and being able to stand under the RTT using a bed rack.

In both cases I am looking at CBI for my tacoma.

Box Rocket

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I had both arrangements on my Tacoma. I liked the lower mounting, but when I moved my fridge to the truck bed I needed to move the tent higher so the fridge would fit. It still kept it just about level with the cab and the extra space underneath was beneficial. I think the most important thing is to keep the tent from being too much higher than the cab. If you can keep it cab height or lower, you probably won't notice any effect to fuel economy etc. I didn't.

This was the height of my bedrack originally.
_MG_6440 by Adam Tolman, on Flickr

This is after I rebuilt it taller. This height was probably the most practical.
_MG_1103 by Adam Tolman, on Flickr


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I have both. I made my rack so I can run the adjustable bed bars on top.

I like being able to see out the back window, plus mine goes down.

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