Beatit G18 2000amp peak 12v portable jump starter?


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Tried to use this today with my Sprinter van v6 diesel. Nothing... . The battery was pretty dead around 80-90% drained so I guess it didn’t stand a chance. I was under the impression they could jump a completely dead battery? Or are these units more of a booster requiring some existing battery power ?

Features & details
  • BEATIT G18 is the most powerful car jump starter specially designed for high displacement vehicles it can jump start all 12V vehicle batteries
  • Compact with a peak of 2000 Amps (UL2743 Certified) 21000mAh – it’s able to jump start flat batteries up to 30 times on a single charge. Work with all 12V battery cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, ATV, UTV, snowmobiles, lawn mowers, yachts and heavy duty
  • Packed with dual USB output (5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1. 5A) and 10W wireless charge the power to deliver 4. 9 charges to iPhone X, nearly 5. 2 charges for Galaxy S9, Recharges in 6 hours with a 5V/3A Type-C charger
  • BEATIT’s exclusive extended jumper cables solved the problem of too short cables to connect the vehicle battery positive and negative for most products on the market, makes jump start more convenient and free
  • Advanced lithium ion battery chip QDSP technology (Quick Discharge Start Power), it makes the jump starter able to withstand challenging temperatures especially in extremely cold weather to jump start vehicles in 1-3 seconds, 3X stronger and reliable than any product with the same specifications
  • Built-in “Integrated Voltmeter "on jumper cables that reads the battery voltage of the vehicle's battery for enhanced diagnostics of the battery state
  • What in box: G18 jump starter, Smart jumper cables, USB Type-C cable, User manual, 24 months card, wall charger adapter and High Quality Hard EVA Carry Case, BEATIT offer working days live chat on FB page, Search “BEATIT” on FB if you have any problem for shopping
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A while back I had a similar problem, I had a dead battery. First tried a 4s lifepo4 jump pack to try and start it but it wouldn't do it, then I tried using a fullriver 27ah agm to start it (using the same alligator clips as the lifepo4 jump pack), that also wouldn't start but it did crank very slowly. I also left the battery connected for about 10 minutes to give it a surface charge but that also didn't help.

Luckily the fullriver has the top/side post mounts, I just removed the dead battery and install the fullriver and drove that way until I bought another 35 dollar used battery. The dead battery I didn't even try to reuse it, it was about 4 years old bought used, and I had left the lights on a couple of times where it needed jumpstarts, it was abused.

I suspect the alligator clips on the small jump packs are too small to crank over a completely dead battery. I have used those small alligator clips to jumpstart some smaller foreign cars with no problem. With the fullriver I have used fullsize jumper cables to crankover an old v8. I always want to get rid of the 30 pound fullriver (bought used 6 years ago for 40 dollars) but it save me a couple of times. There are situations where you just can't jumpstart a dead battery, even car to car.

I'm planning to use some fullsize alligator clips from some of my old agm jump packs that have dead batteries and modify them (with correct connectors) to work on my smaller lifepo4 jump pack. The lithium packs seem to have the amps to do it, but the small gauge alligator clips might be the weak spot especially on large engines.

The jump packs should work every time, but over the years they let me down. I always carry fullsize jumper cables just in case.



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Look at the jumper cables & clamps of the jump pack. Do you really think they could handle 2000 Amps? Probably not.

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Look at the jumper cables & clamps of the jump pack. Do you really think they could handle 2000 Amps? Probably not.
Im with you. They always explain it by saying it’s only for a few seconds if not less but I’d like to see thicker cables or at least better clamps.

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I have had similar experience with other jump packs. Solution has been to leave pack connected, go get a cup of coffee, then come back and crank it. That has worked on GM 5.7 gassers.


I have the SUAOKI version of this (I think 800 amps) certainly cannot provide the full 800 thru the cables, but mine has jumped many very dead vehicles. I've probably had it 4 or 5 years.


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If you want a good Jump Pack you need the NOCO GB70 = 2000A or the NOCO GB 150 4000Ah,

Noco even make one that is 8000Ah, Both of the Two above would of turned that Sprinter inside out,

I bought the GB 150 first and the Next day I bought the GB 70 as a Back Up, I was going to buy the big 8000A model but at around $1500/ 2K that's a bit much to have sitting around, The GB 150 is the biggest one in the range unless you need the 8000Ah Daddy, The GB 150 will start Diesel or Gas powered Engines Over 10 Litre's and will do a Quoted 80 Jump Starts from a single charge, I also bought the NOCO Wall Charger So it fast charges it and If you use the Vehicle 12v socket that will also charge it pretty fast. there is nothing better.

This is the little GB 40 / 1000A version which is 3 or 4 models down from the GB 150,

Hope that helps,

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