bay area run sat dec 14th


If anyone is interested, we doing a run on the 13th-14th, we are looking at frank raines, carnegie, Hollister, or cow mountain.

Some of us might camp on Friday.


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Let me know if you head to Cow Mountain. I'm in Sonoma County so it would be a quick trip for me.


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We're putting this run together as individuals. This is not a 'professionally' organized event. that said, you should probably check for local 4x4 clubs in the VA, MD areas near you and see if they have a forum where they discuss when they organize similar events.



Cow mountain?
I listen to cows 24 hours everyday why would I go to a mountain to listen too more? :)

I'm in for the Frank place. Can be there bright and early Saturday morning. There is a good Pizza place where we can stuff ourselves on the way home at the I5 intersection.

If we go to Frank Raines, bring rain gear, Ray likes to splash water in the mud/water hole there.


Not a Mitsu, but would be up for meeting up at carnegie or maybe hollister. Not sure about frank raines, is there any thing there?


No actual cows at cow mtn anymore (at least non that Ive seen), LOl! I may head up there this saturday.


Alright guys, it's final. We are going to FRANK RAINES OHV.

Me and a couple of friends will be camping Friday night an going home sat afternoon/evening.

Anyone else that wants to camp is more then welcome, just be ready for cold weather.

Lets meet at the main entrance at 9:30am on sat?

It's about 1 1/2 hours from the Bay area or Sacramento, so pretty centralize for everyone.

Please reply back to this thread to confirm if you are going so that we can do a head count.

Here is a video of some guys playing on a nice trail to get you all excited:


I would like to join if you allow a non Mitsubishi. A former owner though. I'll be coming from the Peninsula


OK guys, for those of you that ask about Frank Raines, please confirm if you are coming.
So far we got around 6 trucks, so it should be a good run.

We are not camping after all so it's a day run for all of us.

Please b there by 9:30 am with coffee in hand and ready to go! :ylsmoke: