Bay Area Offroad / Overland Amateur Radio Net


I will try to participate, but I am in the Northbay (Santa Rosa) and its a bit of a hop to Sunol Ridge. The coverage map on the repeater group's website kind of confirms it. I did see that the the repeater system does have IRLP capability on its 2m rig. Do you know if the IRLP will be active on the during your net? If so, that could be a way for others out of the area to participate.

If the W6SRR repeater doesn't work out for you, let me know and I could set up something on our Club's (K6SON) repeater. We (our Club) are always looking for ways to increase repeater traffic. An offload net would be perfect.

If I don't make it into your net, I wish you luck with your great idea.

Hey Charlie,
New info! I got the go-ahead to use IRLP reflector 9351 for the net. So, if you'd like to use your club's repeater to call into the reflector, then we're good! :D I'll be dialing W6SRR in about 5 minutes before the net starts.
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Very cool, thanks for setting this up!

This is the same time as a preparedness simplex net here, I will try to call in this week though.

73 de kd7mrj


For those who aren't yet subscribed to the other thread, here's a little update:

We've moved the thread to the Communications forum so those from outside of the CA/NV region can be made aware of the net.

The new thread is here:

We had a decent first net. Little troubleshooting to be done, but otherwise had a nice little 45 minutes of chatting with folks. If you weren't there I hope you'll join next week, if you were, thanks for being there and hope to hear you next week!


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Sorry I didn't make it. I had to be at a meeting for a trip to Baja. I had planned to check in on the drive over, but we ended up in my friends car with no radio. I'll check out the other thread and try to make it next time.