Battery terminals?


It's time to replace the stock stamped-steel battery terminals and go to something that's more durable (and allows me to properly wire in accessories.) A quick look at Amazon shows that there are LOTS to choose from, especially from the high-end car stereo world.

What non-stock terminals do you use? (Pics appreciated.)

Also, if you have any thoughts on cabling, throw those in too!


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I run the ones like dreadlocks links. I replaced the wing nut with a nyloc nut, though.


Used to have the military or ordinance type, but found it easier to mount lugs on a vertical post than a horizontal. But either type gets the job done.



I've been putting basic marine brass battery terminals on all my vehicles for the last 10 years. I have gotten them at Walmart and at NAPA. No more corrosion, and the terminals open more easily than the stamped steel, and are easily replaced if traveling.

I've learned the hard way to stay away from fancy equipment when dealing with the "bones" of a vehicle. Stick with something your can replace in any town you roll into.


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The most important part is using tinned lugs that have sealed ends that are properly crimped with a lever arm or hyd. crimper and then using adhesive lined heat shrink.

Tinned brass battery terminals.

In some cases I'll replace the wing with nut with a Stainless nyloc nut.

A touch of Noalox or Tef-Gel on everything keeps corrosion under control

Stay away from terminals with set screws. These may cut the fine wires in DC cabling and there is no way to keep moisture from entering the wire.


Well, since both the military and marine styles make use of ring terminals, it probably doesn't matter which I pick...because if I don't like them, I can swap to the other easily!

(I have both ratchet and hydraulic crimpers, each with multiple die sets, so putting on the cable ends won't be a problem.)


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I suppose the main reason why I keep wingnuts on the vehicle battery is because I dont have a hardwired permanently installed battery tender/charger, inverter or winch on em.. I keep em portable between my jeep, tow vehicle, and friends/family I always loaning gear out too.. Main reason is I dont wanna dent hood (again) closing it down on some big jumper clamps.. makes temporary hookups quick and easy and when you do have jumper clamps they make better contact IMO with the wingnuts because the contacts are usually sawtoothed.

suppose I could put high amp powerpole connectors on em all, but its not a common use enough to justify the cost.

in my trailer, where tools are required to even open the battery box, everything is permanently wired and it arguably sees alot more vibration; I also used nylock nuts.


military all the way. set screws will work their way loose. I work doing apartment maintenance and every 5 years we have to go through an tighten all the set screws in all the breaker panels. you would be surprised how loose some are, and apartments are stationary no road vibrations. highdesertranger