Battery Isolator on 6.0l E350


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Looking to get my house battery setup on my 2005 E350 with the 6.0l this weekend and I've been head scratching on where the best place to tie it in is. I'd like to use the Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR as I've used it in the past and the battery connect option seems like a nice feature for the likely cold start on the diesel motor.

Anyone else used this on their 6.0? Plan is to mount the unit inside the cab along with my house battery setup behind the drivers seat and run 2gauge wire with 200amp fuses near battery connections. But wondering where the best place to tie into the starting batteries would be...I know there is the jumper port under the sliding door but is there another location possibly in the engine bay to keep my connections out of the muck and mire?


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I'd recommend larger gauge wire since the ACR can handle up to 750amps.
And due to the amount of current I'd also recommend going straight to the starter battery's positive post.

On my ACR system I have 0 guage. I too have a frame mounted starter battery (one of two for my 7.3)


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Thanks for the info. I was debating on going with a thicker gauge for the positive run.

Does the grounding wire for the house battery need to be of a matching gauge? Or could I run 0 for the positive and 2 for my house ground?

I suppose it doesn't matter which battery as they are both wired in parallel. Hoping I can tuck my fuses into the frame battery box and pull my wiring over and up through the floor behind the driver's seat.

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Blue Sea instructions say to isolate the house batteries and run the alternator directly to the starting batteries. If I understood the instructions correctly, the starter should not be drawing power through the ACR.

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I have done something similar in my 2005 6.0. I deleted the jumper post, and ran a large wire from the battery into the inside, just behind the barn doors. I am using the large Anderson connector in line from the battery. It sits up high on the frame. From this connector, the wires run up and into the van, behind the doors, to my house battery. The anderson connector on the outside gives me a point of disconnect, as well as being able to use the battery side as a jumpstart/charge location.

I am using the lower portion of the van wall behind the doors as my electrical center. My house battery sits behind the doors, against the van wall. This line from the starting batteries comes up to this location, as well as the main line from my house battery. Each battery line runs to a blue sea fuse panel, so I have an aux fuse panel for the house system and a second fuse panel for the starting/van system. As you are aware, having starting batteries mid-ship is kinda a pain for accessories, etc.

I am running a Samlex 160 ACR between the two systems here, so I see no reason you could not run the connector of choice, to tie the two together. I believe my Samlex is too small to jump, but it can be connected once started for alternator charging while driving. I decided that buying the big NOCO GB150 would be a better jump start option, as it can be easily moved to other vehicles, or when I need to offer jump help to others, I do not have to risk any issues with my van.