Bathroom or Storage?


closet with shower pan and drain is so useful for all the mentioned things. Wet clothes, extra storage, rinse off, potty spot, etc.
This is how my friends are setup.
adjacent to their entry door. Its basically a mudroom / shower / toilet room.
Its only built in fixtures is showerhead, splashproof cabinet and railway sink.
Toilet is either cassette or bucket of sawdust.
Btw, it has a sizable opening window also.
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The modern "Thunder Mug" is a 5-gal Homer bucket with a toilet seat/cover, trash bag and kitty litter. I use an empty 2lb Walmart dry roasted peanut container for my night drains. We have a travel trailer and my wife would rather use the bucket if needed during the night than have to deal with draining the black water tank and cleaning the RV toilet. During the day, we use public facilities. We do use the shower and fill up the grey water tank, but that can be emptied in our pasture when we return home.

When staying with my grandmother in the '50's and '60's, one of my chores was emptying the enamelware thunder mugs into the outhouse every morning. That was not as bad as having to re-shingle the 2-seater outhouse in August in NC. Thankfully, in 1966, we dug, formed up and poured a concrete septic tank for her.


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Man, i'd work out a bathroom if at all possible. I think you'll thank me later. I've had rigs with and without and I'm currently building a smallish pop top van for the two of us now that kids are older that has only a porta potty and an outdoor shower, BUT, we've been traveling all 50 states since our kids were born and we know our limitations and desires. We like to hit a motel, truck stop or the like for a shower every few days if the weather isn't perfect and don't worry about the cost.

There are a million ways to do it and only one absolute truth. Most women prefer a proper bathroom.
Currently we just use tents and camp out of the Subaru Outback. I go between building out a full expedition box truck or going with a lighter and smaller vehicle like a van and hitting up more hotels and airbnbs on occasion as well.

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I, we never want an onboard toilet. A dedicated shower and abolutions sink sure but we have no problem finding toilets or outhouses cruising.

A composting toilet has possibilities, but never a flush toilet.

We both feel if it nis smaller than 30" by 60" we'd rather use "tourist" facilities.
The design I have is 24” x 30”. My shower at home measures 30” x 30” so it’s somewhat comparable.

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Seems like the consensus is the build the bathroom! I’m surprised, but you’ve convinced me of the utility of using the bathroom as storage and increasing my wife’s enjoyment on the road as well.

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There are no B&Bs or camp toilets where we go so the option is to dig a hole.
Digging a hole is by far my preferred method. Had three different women who traveled with me for extended periods and none complained about that. Sunny morning, nice view? Hard to beat...

Both genders can pee in a bottle, and there is seat and bag arrangement for emergency pooping. Contingencies well covered, IMO.



Post hole diggers. Depending on soil, up to two feet deep hole with vertical sides. A two-footer can last a few days with just a little soil on each use. No animal digging later through a wide, shallow, loose soil, pitiful dinky shovel attempt. Folding camp toilet seat. There's something about the smell of fresh soil that stimulates the process.

Totally exposed for a bonafide outdoor experience, a lap blanket for some coverage, inside a shower tent, or as a friend suggested, a bag over the head for anonymity.

Same for a pump up sprayer shower. Add naked, or swim attire.

Over fifty years ago, some fellow basic trainees didn't poop for over a week due to no privacy commodes. Live and learn.


Oh yeah. Some places I've been, one hole for #1 and 2, then another hole for shower water. Possible splashback to feel right at home. Where I live, with no water or sewer, you can build a house with well and septic system on a small lot.

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