Basic load bar setup for brief RTT use


Hey Guys,
I'm taking my extended family on a camping trip in a week and we have realized we may need our 3rd RTT for the trip, which means it will have to go atop my fiance's LX 470. She has the stock roof rails and I'm wondering if anyone has advice on a rail and bar setup that is pretty basic and not something for long-term use? I have looked through the forum and have seen a lot of suggestions, but they tend to lead to $400 and up setups, which I would have not issue with if it were something more long-term on her car, but it's not. I have an RTT on my trailer and another for the top of my 80, so we are set.

I have read where some have braved the idea of mounting directly to the stock rails (not cross bars), but the tent I'm using, a Yakima Skyrise 3, won't work with the mounting system. Luckily, this tent is pretty lightweight and around 115 lbs. I have seen crossbar setups that are bars and mounts to the stock rails, but max loads I'm finding are 140-180 lbs. Do you think this is a static load or load under power? The most weight we will have in the tent is an additional 100-130 lbs at most, so it will be for one child, most likely.

Let me know what you guys think and what you've used. My budget isn't allowing for her to get a Rhino rack or a Gamviti at this time, so we are looking for more basic solutions, but minding the safety factors as well.



I would be more concerned with the load there while driving and not when actually sleeping in it. If you think that the side rails would hold, then it is fairly easy and inexpensive to attach some square aluminum or steel bars to the stock side rails with some U brackets.


I would buy some used yakima or thule load bars. I bought a set for like $80 whisper bars off of KSL or Craiglist for you now Utah folk. I run a hardshell RTT on them for right now and to me it was an easy solution till I am ready to get an actual roof rack. PS this is being run on my LX470
Check on ih8mud- there’s a thread about using 8020 extruded aluminum for cross bars to add to or replace the factory stuff. I bought 3 1”x2” bars for $108 from, including all of the mounting hardware.
The Side rails are said to be rated for a dynamic loading situation. Many folks have mounted their rtt without issue when they augmented the cross bars.


My RTT spent about 3 years straight on the LX470 stock roof rails. The rails on mine are rated for 150 lbs while driving and 500 while parked if I recall correctly. Had to dig for this detail from an Australian LX owners manual as it was not in my US owners manual.

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