Bargain Bridging Ladders


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Gratting Sections vs. Treds

Per other posts regarding comparisons of the Mantec versus the Treds at $140-$150, how do these grating sections compare to them and would you still go with the grating? I haven't gotten a pair yet and am okay with $100 to $150 so the Treds are looking pretty good to me. I like the flatness of the grating as you could use them as a table top too though. I could probably get the grating for free also through my grating supplier connections. So that's a big plus. But I am just asking about the performance of a square edged grating section compared to the sloped edge Treds or Mantec. I have a new truck vault for my Land Cruiser and am thinking of raising it up about 2" or so to make a horizontal space to slide the ladders underneath.