Bargain Bridging Ladders


If you cringe at spending $450-500 a pair for the aluminum ones, or $150-200 for PSP sand ladders, these might be just the ticket. First time I've seen them under $100 a set. Recycled grating without the embedded grit surface, so that's the compromise you have to decide on.

Seller (no relation - disclaimer):
Norman Klapper
Ebay vendor: infopec
Current Ebay listing: 120286393067 (will change)
Current description:
12" x 48" PAIR OF TWO (2)
$96.00 plus shipping

18 pounds each - shipping weight for 2 about 40 pounds from Colorado.

Note minor deflection - was accompanied by minor creaking noises.

After taking the Envoy off 'em, they came back exactly to flat again. I would have no hesitation to use these on a trail I had to use them to get OFF of later.


Under $100. Nice. We needed some and got 5 guys to go in on making some out of similar stuff and was able to do it for about $200 a pair. They work really well.


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I bought slightly thinner ones as they will be used more for sand than rock stacking.

as below for gritted

Thank you for the interest in American Grating and our products. The price is $45.00 for each 1' x 4' piece of our 1-1/2" deep molded grating. Colors are yellow, green or light grey. Freight to 93313 is $25.00.


Colin Kendrick
American Grating, LLC


IS 2" as thick as they come? I'm guessing the weight of a 60 or 80 series LC is about the same as the front of your Envoy. Do you forsee problems seeing as they don't have an imbedded grit surface? For 100 bucks, they could be a very good addition to an off road kit.


I've never seen thicker than 2", but you can go wider than 12" if you want more safety margin. I think this vendor will do 14" or 16" as standard cuts for anyone, just pricing it at $12 a square foot.


I'm guessing there isn't a real need to go wider than 12", but maybe an extra 2" would be nice for a little more load capacity I'd guess. Are these practically the same as were posted in another thread, only these have no gritty surface?

As posted by another member on here:

"I have been watching and looking for quite a while now. Finally I placed an order.

This self recovery helped to sell me on the stuff: Youtube video
I ordered two pieces of grating material from American Grating LLC , ( http://www.amgrating.com ) I have been dealing with Colin Kendrick. He has been very helpful.
I purchased two pieces Molded Grating, Isophthalic Resin, 2" deep with 2" mesh, Light grey with a gritted surface, 18" X 48" $70 each. They should arrive first part of next week.
Light weight and strong. The plan is for it to function as traction and bridging material.

I have a couple places in mind to carry them. One would be a frame mount to the side bars. The other would be attached to the tailgate.

Terra-trax appear to be a similar product. The cost is higher at $195 + $29 shipping and they are narrower. "


After seeing this thread, I picked up a pair of of 14" by 48" by 2" grates with the grip for $118 delivered from ebay. Price was right for me. Thanks for the tip.


adventurebuddies said:
After seeing this thread, I picked up a pair of of 14" by 48" by 2" grates with the grip for $118 delivered from ebay. Price was right for me. Thanks for the tip.
How are you finding that price? I'm seeing $120 +30 shipping for that size! Wah!


gearbox said:
How are you finding that price? I'm seeing $120 +30 shipping for that size! Wah!
Maybe you're seeing ones from Illinois, by vendor joem7051. Those are grit top, 14" X4".

Check my original post. My vendor was infopec, and he also has 14" X 4' ones for $120 +$30, but his 12" X 4' are still $96 +$32 shipping to my zip code.)

Ebay auction 120298119017 currently.

Edit: On second reading of your post, you're right. I don't see $118 delivered price for 14" wide units anywhere. Maybe a different search phrase is needed.

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samsdad said:
They also would make a nice place to stand if you're using an onboard shower.
That is a great idea! I had not thought of that.

I have also thought they would make a nice floor on a roof rack. Granted you have to unload the contents to use them, but most of the time that would not be the end of the world.


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Anyone find some good prices lately? I saw some on ebay that are 14"X60" but they are in YELLOW. Nothing wrong with Yellow, but I'd prefere Grey or Green.
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