Baofeng UV5R "Builder Brackets"


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I was converted to HAM by the clarity, performance, and finally the availability of the $30 Baofeng UV5R H/T. These are very versatile radios and handy to have a few around. I needed a way to securely keep the radio in place while out and about. I drew up and had these holsters cut because there were a few people interested in them on the forum.
I only had a few cut and will not be making another set.

These brackets are a starting point for your mount. All the geometry to securely hold the standard and extended battery versions via the belt clip. Weld, drill, cut, bend, etc to suit your needs. I used 14ga steel so they are very stout. You could weld a 1/4-20 nut on the back and attach a RAM ball as one mounting possibility. EDIT: All units come with the nut pre-welded to accept a 1/4-20 male thread, such as the RAM ball noted.

Rev 3 is designed to fit the UV5R series, the new BF-F8HP with the "thick" battery, by breaking off the top tab, and have been notched to suit the UV-82 radios. Looking through this thread also shows other devices will fit even if some minor modifications are required.

Cost is $10 each and $6 USPS flat rate shipping for up to 6 units, and $12 for many many more.

PM me for details.

uv5r 2.jpg
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Could you put me down for two, but before I go ahead I don't see the circular mount that is in the last image. Still wondering how the mount would hold onto something.

Edit: That looks like an example. Anyway this could be attached to a RAM mount.
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I ordered two for the UV-B5.. I think they are almost similar in size. Waiting for kiddmen to ship them. Will let you know then.


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I asked on Tuesday night if any were left, heard back wednesday morning, and they came in the mail today. Talk about fast. I bought 2, wish I had bought 4. They also fit the Midland FRS radios perfect.

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