Bantam Jeep Festival - Butler PA (2021)

Jim K in PA

Anybody besides @jscherb and I going to be at the Festival in NW PA this week?

I finally got my LJ-R back on the road after a 6 year(!) hibernation. I installed a Genright Safari tank that I have been tripping over in the garage for the last 4 years, did some maintenance, replaced the batteries, and it is running like always.
LJ -2021.jpg

Dan Grec

Expedition Leader
I went in 2019 and had a great time! I hope I can get there again some day, but not this year.



Expedition Leader
In 2019 both MORryde and Overland Outfitters borrowed my JKU and MORryde borrowed my military trailer, they arranged spaces next to each other and put my Jeep in between with product from both companies installed. MOrryde used my trailer to display sale merchandise. This year they're doing the same thing, except that this time Overland Outfitters is borrowing the trailer, they're doing a "sample sale", offering lots of preproduction and test samples. Both companies have some new products to show this year too.

I've got to start outfitting the JKU tomorrow, for daily driving I don't normally have the roof rack, tent and all the gear installed that both companies will want installed for the show.


When you guys get a chance, post the 2022 dates. Maybe I can make it happen next year!


I drove by on I79. I live 5 minutes away but didn't have tome this year to go. Last time the Rough Riders trail was on my property. Trails are all still there.