Baja XL 2021... Anyone else signed up?

Signed up. We did the last one as well.

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Hah, we got your number from last time

Baja XL sticker -2.jpg

Heading south Monday AM to Tecate. Interestingly, there is snow in the forecast for Tecate, although before we'll get there. Quite a bit of rain has gone through, hopefully not too much road damage. Should make for some beautiful green vistas.

See you on the otherside...


I come in Peace
Damn, and it's such a cool rally. Sorry to hear of it ending like this.

I just spent a while on the Baja XL FB page. Good reading on the "support and news" section. Looks like it could be a cool rally, but it's hard to tell from all the comments how well organized it is. Bring your popcorn and be ready to settle in if you read some of the long comment sections.

I'd love to run a rally like this if there was more support and organization. As it is I will just continue on my own or with my smaller groups.

My FJ running support for our group in 2015

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