Baja Style Truck Camper Build


sweet set up bro, what made you not want to set the sleeping area over the cab? I could by no means build anything like that sense i don't have the working space to do it but there is a guy who custom makes anything for the back of your truck. He has it set up so the camper bolts up like a canopy so you still use the bottom of the truck bed and can sleep over the cab. In turn the truck camper turns into a toy hauler sense you can still put a dirt bike inside or a 4wheeler, drive down the road and when you get there you can pull it out and ride without having to tow a trailer anywhere. if you are long traveling you can just walk around it and hop right into bed, leaving the toy in the bed of the truck with you. they are pretty sweet. I need to get to it


This was actually "a test build" to make sure I could actually do something like this! I wanted to keep it simple, etc. wife rolled her eyes at the "test build" part. LOL. The next one, will have cabover sleeping and the top will raise for more headroom. My kids sports and other activities have keep me from completely finishing this build. I only have a couple of panels left to make and some insulation. Currently have a couple of outings logged with it and it has worked great as-is. I will hopefully get started on the next version sometime in about a year...going to Alaska next summer so have to save up for that!

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So last weekend my daughter and I went camping and Jeeping with our group. I needed a way to sleep both of us so before leaving I "fabbed up" a quick extension to the overcab section. I was able to give her enough room to have two backpacking air mats side by side up there. It was a quick and dirty build so I need to go back now and make it the real deal. It is hinged so it folds straight up so things can be easily stored in the overhead, then swing it down flat for sleeping. It worked out great for the two of us. The not so great part...I think I just lost my Jeep to a 15 year old kid. She drove most of the weekend and I had to pry her fingers off the wheel to head home :wings:


Sorry for the long lost drop off. got in the way. Kids sports, graduations, etc. I have attached a couple of pics from early stages of the build. I have mostly finished the camper and will get some more pics loaded soon. Since the first photos, I have added custom front and rear bumpers to truck. The rear being a double swing set up with one side being a basket to hold 10 gallons of water and a propane tank. I have added a heater inside, threw in a portable toilet and other gear to keep it ready to roll on a moments notice "Bugout". I have still yet to finish the inside trim at the corners, etc. I am thinking about adding some cabinets overhead. Since my first post and photos, I have had the truck and camper on many outings and have been very pleased with how it works. Things that I have not been able to control so far but plan to address in a near future NEW build...torsional twisting and thermal bridging. Nether of which have been huge issues but still would like them gone! I have had this truck and camper all over the Anza Borrego desert, Flagstaff, Sedona, Oak Creek, the mountains of Idaho and over Imogene Pass in Colorado. Again..I will get some better camper focused photos uploaded...probably after I get back from fishing in the Mammoth Lakes region next week.