Baja - Bahia de Gonzaga


Expedition Leader
I am planning a trip to Gonzaga Bay and it seems like the new hwy is complete past Ranch Grande, we will make a stop at Cocos Corner and would like to know hwy conditions!
Also i am planning in maybe making a run to Bahia de Los Angeles and the Mission close by!

Any comments or suggestions!

Thank you!:sombrero::sombrero::sombrero:


Good afternoon...the pavement goes about 12 miles past the Rancho Grande market...then it isnt much different then when you and I went 8 (?) years ago...a mixture of washboard (with some smooth sandy side trails)...rocky climbs thru the hills....Coco was doing well when we saw him in October last year. has some pretty current reports. We're going for a 3 day work party at a friends place at Rancho early August and then our regular fall trip in travels mi amigo!!


I'm down here now. Starting to head north. Why 5 is pretty beaten up on the way to cocos. But everything is moving pretty well