Baja Almanac 2009 like new. 250$ incl shipping


We're leaving the country, so chances to go to Baja are getting slim to non-existent. Selling my 2009 Baja Almanac for that reason.
We used it for one trip 3 years ago and it is in excellent shape. No kinks, water damage, dirt, oil, writing. See photos.

2017-12-22 21.32.31.jpg
2017-12-22 21.32.38.jpg
2017-12-22 21.33.24.jpg

Asking 250$ including insured and tracked USPS - or pickup on the SF Peninsula.
Or best offer with a good reason for a discount.



Noe: PM answered.

Theoretician and Superduty:
Try to get a better deal on Amazon:
THAT is an expensive book.

I've given away another version of these maps to friends who were on their way through to Baja. Do give 200$+ tips to somebody you don't know personally? As I had written, have a good reason and we can talk about the price. You drive down there to restore a public school in a hurricane-battered fishing village? You can have the book for free then.


I never said one could get a better deal. Or that it wasn't worth the money. I just said it was an expensive book.

I wonder why the author/publisher hasn't printed more? Their www site looks like they used to sell for $24.95. Or someone should buy the rights.

Fortunately, I'm not in the market for a such a book....Baja is on my list of NO GO locations. I know many would say I'm nuts, but the cartel and bandits can have it. I miss the days of driving down there and camping and surf fishing on the beaches.


It seems nobody could convince the owners of the reprint rights to start another round. The original guy who made the maps died a couple of years ago.
The quality of the print is actually really good. It'll be hard to make money on reprinting them for 25$.

Bruce: they're sold out since quite a while at bajabound.


I bought mine about 9 months ago from Baja Bound...seems like they’d keep printing them. I better go dig mine out of the truck and keep it safe. This would be a great project for an expo guy to take on! Safe travels all...and Baja is no scarier than the good US. Don’t believe the hype.


FYI; All the same exact maps, sources and data from the Baja Almanacs can be had and utilized with the right software and programs. Basically run navigation direct off any tablet for a fraction of the cost and a lot more efficient with layering, etc.