Baja 4000 2017


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I signed up a bit ago. Going to be an interesting run. That's a lot of miles in a short amount of time. I'll be "racing" in my Fuso FG

Should be good times!


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Does anyone have the map/route/gps track from this event? Online I have only found a simple picture.


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I love running Baja! If there are still spots left the only question for me would be.....Motorcycle or Rig?
This sounds absolutely amazing to me! I hope everyone has an awesome time. Baja is one of the best places in the world to travel. Locals can fix anything and chances are that they have done even the toughest roads in a two wheel drive sedan with a door missing, three bald tires and no muffler! Ha! If you are not racing slow down to eat a roadside fish taco. Almost every taco stand I have eaten at is as clean as any restaurant in The States.