Bailey's 2010 Tundra w/ FWC | Adventure Build & Photos


BJ's Tundra :)
Traveled through 19 states in just under 10 months of owning my Four Wheel Camper. Going to try and make it 25 states before my 1 year anniversary (11/23). Currently in Pennsylvania

I've been very happy with the way the truck & camper have handled life on the road. The @Total Chaos upper control arms and @Elka Suspension have made the truck ride like a dream, especially on long drives.

No complaints about the @baja designs lights either. The perimeter lighting has definitely come in handy a few times. I don't really use the XL80s that often since I'm not on the road too much when it's dark.

My tires have over 35k miles on them and will need to be replaced in the spring of next year. Most likely going with the same Toyo ATII in 34x11.5. It's a great tire that has handled anything I've thrown at it.

I will be on the East Coast until the middle of October. Not exactly sure when I'm headed back to CO and how long It'll take me. Having too much fun out here :)

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BJ's Tundra :)

Keeping the Truck & Camper. I will probably retire it from full-time duties while I give the setup some TLC. I need a new rear bumper and some other body work. I was very close to ditching the setup but quickly realized nothing else would be a good replacement.

It will stay with me for a while unless some significant event comes up and I need the $$$

Leaving the DC area on the 14th and will slowly make my way towards Colorado where I have some friends & family that will let me stay there while I upgrade some things.


BJ's Tundra :)
Camped near Woodland Park, CO last night. Temps were a bit chilly but it felt great to be out in the mountains again.

Topped off the propane tanks this morning. I'm planning on spending another night here. Looks like we have some weather and cold temps coming. It might drop below zero.

If things get too wild I can bail to my GF's parents place in CO springs.


BJ's Tundra :)
Woke up and it was -5. I feel like I've pushed the limits of the camper. Not sure i'd camp in temps below 10 degrees.

I went through 1 tank in 16 hours. Inside temp set at 55-60 and the exterior temp was 8 degree down to negative 5.


We had a 5 gallon jug freeze one night in our flippac in Lost Creek😂

It gets cold up there. Do you have the thermal packs?


BJ's Tundra :)
A few updates...

Picked up some new tires. I decided to go with the 285/75/17 Toyo ATII again. My last set had roughly 45k when I replaced them and could have gone another 5-7k but I wanted some fresh tread for the winter. I've been very happy with these tires and this size (285/75/17 aka 34x11.5)

I also added Baja Designs S1's in the ditch light location. These bolt to my current XL80s and will be wired on their own switch using the switch pros.

I had initially gone with the Amber Wide Cornering but decided to switch to the Work/Scene pattern. Wiring should be here in the next few days

The camper also saw some additions in the form of rubber flooring. This will insulate slightly while providing more protection from the elements.



Meat Popsicle
love the truck! I have to ask...why were you considering selling? Also, why do you need a new rear bumper? I’m heavily considering a crew max tundra, and am interested in your long term thoughts.


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