Bad Elf or Garmin GLO


I have no experience with either the Bad Elf or the Garmin GLO. Who has used them and what are your thoughts?
I plan on using one of them on my ipad 6 w/wifi only.

thanks for the input.


Know nothing about the Elf. Have been using the Glo for 4 years with a WiFi only IPad. Been flawless. It’s mounted to the roof of the truck behind the headliner and signal has never been an issue. No complaints at all

Roger M.

Ordered an Elf from Amazon, followed the instructions to the letter and it was a bust, it wouldn't talk to my tablet no matter what I did.
Sent it back for a refund and got a Glo.

The Glo worked right off the bat and has been rock solid with my iPad for over a year now.


Which Elf are you considering? I have the Elf puck, and the Lightning connector Elf, and got them a few years ago. I love the puck. Runs on it's own battery; can support up to 5 connected users. Pairs with everything I've tried...

The Lightning connector one gets used on a dedicated iPod loaded with Garmin software. It has a pass-thru USB port, so you can still charge the iPod, even though the Elf is using the Lightning port.


So I finally made a choice. Although I read a lot of good things about the Elf, I went with a Glo2 for the following reasons. I’ve been using Garmin products with great success for over a decade, and I manage a sporting goods retail store and buy direct from Garmin.
Got it all set up and it works flawlessly so far. Still figuring out the Gaia software but so far so good.


We just added a windows 2-in-1 laptop to the household, and one of my plans for it is a GPS add-on so that the missus can be navigator with it in the tablet form. I've seen some cheap ($25) usb cable GPS receivers on Amazon, but I like the idea of bluetooth connectivity.

For those of you using the bluetooth type, where are you mounting them? And are you running constant powered or using the battery and then recharging?