Backyard snow run, Cashmere, WA

Cascade Wanderer

Fourteen degrees and beautiful skies today! Lured me into my favorite playground for the past 20 years, the Wenatchee National forest. Deserted today, except for a few late season bowhunters. Enjoy the photos!

Ice ledge about a foot tall. The puddle in the road was frozen completely across, before my Jeep crashed through:

Panorama. I like it here:

Stubs the Jeep is doing well on the new Toyo MT's:

It's snowy out, perfect for having a little backcountry adventure of your own!


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time is running out.....
nice jeep. the ice water crossing is a perfect recipe for cracked/warped block/head.

Cascade Wanderer

Not even close to being deep enough for me to worry about the motor. I doubt the water was much over a foot deep, and I just eased on through, hoping for enough traction to get up that ice ledge. Have been crossing that same puddle for 20 years or so now, winter as well as the other seasons. It does get a mite deeper in the spring thaw/runoff.

But good thought...

Thanks, Guy