Backup cameras? Who's installed them? I gotz questions!


I've been wanting to install a backup camera on the Jeep lately, because well, lets be honest. The damn tire carrier and tinted windows make it a ***** to see out the back at night. So, who has installed an aftermarket backup camera? What brand/model did you use? How well has it worked? What did you use for a screen? I don't want a wireless system, and I'd like to use of the rear view mirror mounted screens (where the screen is actually built into the mirror). (yes, I'd like to see pictures of them too)


I did this quite some time ago, and I am soooo glad I did.

Theres a few options out there. I'm just about to mount my second one down on the bumper. My current one is right in the middle of my rear tire, and I have it routed through an audiovox LCD rear view mirror that automatically switches to the camera when in reverse.

I don't have any good pictures at the moment, but this is the mirror.



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Can that s reen be set to always on? With my 37" spare battery k there, I can never tell who is tailgating me. ;-)

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I just installed a wireless one. I would not suggest wireless. Too much hassle and too much static. Especially when it is around ANY type of Bluetooth device.

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Yep, I have 2 cameras now. One is a very broad angle for always on, and the second is a bit more or a zoomed angle from bumper to see who I'm about to crush when in reverse.


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i havent installed one but i have done lots on research on hardware, the setup i would go for is a radio with video input or camera input, there are some expensive ones from the known brands like pioneer etc, some also have tv and many other options, then i would use a wired camera.

Using a Chinese cheap radio could also be a option they have tons of options and they do the job for less then half the price.

you have here a Chinese website with lots of that stuff

edit, the think about using a mirror with screen is that the screen would need to be activated only when you put it reverse, that might not be easy to setup, with a radio you would only need to touch the screen.


Here is mine

It's a Pyle 7200, found on eBay for under 70 with a camera as I recall.

Then used a bullet camera on the tire carrier, like $20 from same retailer.

Simple and I leave it on all the time. Just powered the camera off the cig lighter socket out back and the monitor to a constant hot source I have set up. I just turn it off and on manually. One day i may change the wiring a bit.


i used LockPick on my Mygig to hook up a reverse camera. Definitely a must have if you have problems seeing pass ur spare.

I used a camera i found off of ebay. hook up was easy with just one RCA to the headunit and another to the reverse light wire. When the reverse lights come on, it triggers the headunit to switch to reverse camera. I mounted the camera on a bracket which sits under the spare tire.

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