Backcountry Ham Club Investigates Extraordinary Meteorite Site

Newsworthy: Backcountry Ham Club Tells Story of an Extraordinary Meteorite

In a remote region of the Mojave Desert a team of amateur radio operators used their teamwork and radio skills to relocate the site where a remarkable meteorite was previously discovered. This was no ordinary meteorite. To date, it’s the second largest meteorite ever to be found in the United States and there are still some mysteries surrounding it.
The Old Woman Meteorite was found in 1976 by two young prospectors searching for gold. At 6070 pounds it was truly an astonishing discovery, even larger than the largest fragment that made the huge crater in Arizona. However, the original story of this remarkable find has been overshadowed by a dark cloud, the legal battle that took place afterwards for its ownership.

The prospectors who discovered the meteorite filed a claim and named it Lucky Nugget. However, neither their claim or the name would prevail. Perhaps distracted by the legal battle, a number of key questions about the space rock were never addressed. i.e. What was its trajectory? How did it end up where it was found? Where exactly was it found? How did such a large meteorite leave absolutely no impact crater?

After a successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter the Land Ops Adventure Radio Club KM6HJV has set out to tell the story from a more positive and thought provoking perspective. Using amateur radio as their primary communications and safety net, the club’s operators would like to take you back to the original discovery site. They will attempt to explain some of the missing and unanswered questions that surround this amazing discovery. Hence the title; “Mysteries of Lucky Nugget”.

This is a story about the meteorite discovery before it was name Old Woman Meteorite. This is the story about Lucky Nugget and the spirit of discovery.

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