Back into a Rover! Just bought an LR4


It's been several years, but excited to have just agreed to a deal on a 2015 LR4 HSE LUX. It has 47k miles and a few thousand and 8 months left of warranty. I'm hoping to shake it down before I run out of factory warranty. Nothing appears wrong now, but I have that familiar pit in my stomach. Let the love/hate realtionship begin!

It's mainly going to be the wife's winter daily and the family cabin & road trip vehicle. Wonder if she'll notice when I slip some BFG KO2s on it?

I see my sig has dissapeared since the site redesign. I currently daily drive a 2012 Rubicon Unlimted with full AEV set up. My last Rover was a 2003 Discovery HSE with OME springs, BFG ATs, ARB Bull bar, Warn winch. It was a headache, but still miss that truck.


Congratulations! Would you be planing to sale your Jeep?
Keeping the Jeep. It is my daily, and have always had a jeep wrangler or CJ in the household. Currently have 137k miles. It's been extremely reliable. Would like to trade for the new jeep pickup with the diesel when it comes out next year. I'm sure it'll be nearly 60k, so might take me a while to convince myself it is worth it.
Congrats on the LR4, it will be a great vehicle. I’m about to become a dual Jeep/Rover household again as well. Just can’t stay away from these things!