Baby Glock


California has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and getting worse every day. Late night last day of the current session and they passed three more draconian laws strictly aimed at law abiding citizens. Most of these last three will make it more costly for retailers. The 10 day waiting period is mandatory on all handguns and the legislature has been trying to get laws passed making it mandatory for all purchases (handguns and rifles). We're going to have to register to purchase ammunition next year. Hearing $50 initial registration fee and $10 annually thereafter. We won't be able to purchase ammunition via the internet without having it shipped to a retailer here in CA and the fee they'll then charge will 'probably' negate any internet savings.

Stay in Washington rnArmy!

PO - congrats on the Glock!
But don’t you feel safer??? J/K

I wouldn’t live in CA if they were giving away free gold bars and 79 Series Land Cruisers. Their laws are a complete joke.


But don't you feel safer??? J/K

Their laws are a complete joke.
No, I don't feel safer! In fact just the opposite, and the new stuff out here is only going to affect law abiding citizens/retailers. Basic, rule by definition - criminals don't care about laws.

It's like a noose around the 2nd amendment. CA will tighten as much as they can before something ends up with the Supreme Court and is overturned in favor of 2A.


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Sacramento area - if you were close I'd offer to have you ship it to me! I just ordered 1000 rounds of 9mm and 45 ACP yesterday online. CA will be stocking up online prior to the registration law IMHO.
Can you msg me where you ordered and the cost? I'll order some 9mm and have it sent to my parent's house about an hour South of me.


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If you're just looking for practice ammo MidwayUSA has Independence on sale right now, I've shot it a couple of times and had no issues with it. Check PSA's website as well.

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