Axle question - mobile home axles??


I'm starting a new project,an Expedition trailer and I found this set up on CL.It's a cut down mobile home trailer axle on a way too heavy frame (imo) but I bought it anyways for $150. My question is has any of you trailer guys made a trailer out of such a setup? I kinda like it,the size of the frame is 6'6 x 5' and the tire place I go to said those mobile home tires are super heavy duty maybe 12ply and are hard to beat for trailer builds..I really didn't need anything that heavy duty but that's all i found.I think the wheels are kind of neat,I'll sandblast them and paint them if I stay in this direction...
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My other question is (if I stay with this setup ,i know it's too late),but how do you get the hubs to match your tow vehicles hub..I consider myself kinda handy around the house,but I could never understand that..

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I've never done it, but I have heard several times not to. Something about bearings that are designed for occasional short and slow trips versus lots of long-haul.

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I think those will be very difficult to adapt to allow use of rims which match the tow vehicle...

A new trailer axles is not that expensive BTW and often can be ordered to match the vehicle "out of the box" instead of requiring an adapter.

What's so heavy that you are planning on hauling?